CROSSFIT Interval training for beginners

"Cross-Fit Interval Training for Beginners" by Cathy Wilson outlines the benefits of finding time to train CrossFit regularly. Improving energy, strengthening your mind and body, and preventing serious disease from taking away your quality of life are just a few highlights in this introductory exercise guide to better health. Better yet, you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to take action. Making Cross-Fit training something you have fun with, look forward to, and gain positively from mentally, physically, and socially. We all know the body was designed to exercise and " Cross-Fit: Interval Training for Beginners“ is the perfect fit to give your body what it craves, while gaining optimal health and wellness. Cathy Wilson does a fantastic job of introducing Cross-Fit. You are reminded that you are important and so is your great health. Information is power. Power is knowledge, and knowledge is only going to make you a better you.

ISBN: 978-150-031-458-3
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