WEIGHTLIFTING PROGRAMMING a winning coach's guide

This the most thorough English-language book available on the subject of program planning for Olympic-style weightlifting. Takano covers the theoretical and practical issues, the biological and mathematical underpinnings, and provides a straightforward process for developing training programs with plentiful examples. Bob Takano s book, "Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach s Guide" is excellent. This book has so much great information, every Olympic-Style Weightlifting coach should buy it read it and use it as a reference in their coaching. Lifters that like to know the "nuts and bolts" of weightlifting should read this book. --Jim Schmitz, US Olympic Weightlifting Team Head Coach 1980, 1988, Assistant Coach 1992, President of USA Weightlifting 1988 1996, Member of IWF Executive Board 1992 1996 Bob Takano is one of the best weightlifting coaches I have ever known. I highly recommend this as part of your weightlifting library.

ISBN: 978-098-001-115-9
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