Yiannis Mamouzelos has started as an athlete, continued as sports journalist many decades and now continues his journey as an author, as an historian of sports. He has covered many Marathons as commentator and now transfers his experience on paper. His book is a priceless document. It joins the name of a city with a race. It combines the institution with values and symbols, promotes the past and present of Greece and welcomes everyone from all over the world, to acknowledge the country that gave birth to sports and the race of the Marathon. The key in this book is the history and the dimension of this race, which has the right to be called “the authentic Marathon”. As the author says, “I hope that it will inspire young and older marathon runners, fans, journalists, historians, track and field statisticians, and others to learn the exact details of the chronicles of this race, with its individual history”.
ISBN: 978-960-278-134-0
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